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Data Visualization

Everyone knows a picture is worth more than a thousand words. 221b Watson can turn flat, complex and dis-organized data into graphical format that help you to pin point important aspect of your data in a flash.

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Linked Data Analytics

221b Watsons enable you to view relationships between data and perform analysis in an intuitable graphical way

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Graph and Index Database combined

Unlike traditional data store, 221 Watsons revolutionize data storage using industry recongonized technology to store data to enable speedy data retrieval  

Machine Learning and Complex Event Processing Knowledge Discovery Engine

221b Watsons is equipped with machine learning capability to identify patterns and trends automatically that are importance to your field of work

Out-of-the box data feed plug-in

221 Marketplace integrates can bring in external data sources and link to your data to enrich to provide more insight and add value to your data

Industry Specific Use Case Library

221b Watsons are designed with industry specific use cases, tailor made for usage in AML, Cybersecurity and Telecom. Minimizing  deployment lead time and allow you to standard your investigation using industry best practices

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